Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Its time for What I wore Wednesday!

 The cat is totally photo-bombing.
 Last Wednesday we had our first Gymnastics class! A friend of mine has invested years to dance of all genres and shes agreed to give Gwen and her "BFF" a few classes! So fun to watch:)

Thursday I stayed home all day waiting for the A/C repair guy because yes we still need A/C in September...I am so ready for fall. Are ya'll tired of seeing that fedora yet? ;)

Yep. Another should've-been-sponsored -by-Target post. I love that dress.
 I look like a flight attendant...

I took pictures over the weekend but I can't show them to you yet! I did a little something different for my Friday '3 ways to wear it' post-you'll have to come back and see!
 Monday Michael had a day off! He was in and out of the house all day with dentist and doctors appointments so I mostly just did our normal Monday routine. I wanted to be cute though since my husband was (sort of) home and he's a fan of this dress;)

and that's a wrap! I really love dressing up for outfit posts and seeing what everyone else wore! Thanks for stopping by!Make sure to come back tomorrow for my very first giveaway!
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  1. i love your style!! so glad to be following u from the followerstofriends blog hop! im at :)

  2. Thursday is my personal favourite! I love this maxi dress! :)
    btw... I am having my first GIVEAWAY in my blog and I wanted to invite you (and everybody) to take part in it :) It is easy :)
    xoxo, Press

  3. Great outfits girl, I especially like your shirt in the first one!

  4. adorable outfits :) I love the ring in the last one.

  5. Cute! LOVE the Target earrings and the kitty photobombing! You're cat is chic with stripes like a tiger!

  6. Love the maxi! I've been on the hunt for a good one!
    Stopping by from What I Wore Wednesday

    1. Its hard for me to find maxis that are long enough I'm 5'8-a little on the tall side- So when I come across one I snatch it up!

  7. Fantastic blog! I'm your newest follower form the blog hop! xx

  8. Great pictures, love the the idea of What I wore Wednesday!! :)

    Thanks for linking up to our WWHop 7 at
    Happy Wednesday !!!!

    1. Thank YOU for hosting a link party! I just think they're so much fun;)

  9. i think i'm loving wednesday the most! i'm a huge rust/gold person so that's probably why, but everyday is cute!
    the very last ring pictured (the silver one) - how long ago did you get that at target? was it this season?
    (i came to your blog today via follow me wednesday! happy wednesday!)

    1. ooo than you'll love the rust colored pants I talked myself into buying! I got that ring pretty recently but it was on clearance for $6. Your local Target might still have it in stock if you hurry!

  10. Love your thrifty style. It is important for me to find bargains; the hubby insists. I found your site on What I Wore Wednesday and am now your newest follower. Come over and check me out at


  11. I jumped over from The Charming and your my newest follower! Love your blog, and your style.

    Come check out my blog and follow along if you like.


  12. Love the stripes with the chambray shirt - so relaxed. Love the variety. Thanks for joining in with WW

  13. Heya!

    I just found you blog through the 'followers to friends' blog hop, and I am so glad I did! Your blog is so cute, I love the photos. I think monday is my fave!

    I am a new follower :)

    Let me know if you stop by mine!


  14. cutest blog ever! I love your handwriting on your photos! I wanna learn to do that! Howz about a tutorial! :o) great blog! By the way, I'm following you courtesy of the bloghop! I hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too! :o)