Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday!

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here we go!
 Wednesday we went to the library for story-time, came back home to do school and housework and then had small group that evening...Wednesdays are always busy!
 I just remembered this is actually Friday...Whoops...On FRIDAY I spent the day at my mamas doing crafty stuff. Michael had to work late so we were literally there all day ;)

We went to some friends to watch foot ball over the weekend. I'm not really into any sports and neither is my husband but when we're all watching a game together its hard not to get all caught up in the yelling and hollering at the TV/Ref/Players/Coaches. I barely understand whats going on but yeah. I totally know how to do it better haha!

 Monday we did our usual weekend recovery stuff. I also broke my own rule and left the house! I try to stay home on Mondays since it really helps us start our week off right but this Monday I made an excpection. Believe me by the end of the day I remembered why  made that "rule"

Ok that all I have! Same time next week?
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  1. We are shopping twins. I think half of my wardrobe comes from Target and Ross! Visiting from WIWW, and I am now your newest follower. I look forward to stopping by to see what you come up with next!