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Welcome to Thistles and Twigs! 
Thank you for stopping by and I'd love for you to stick around!
 I'm Harmony
 and I started this blog to document the renovation
 of our old, used-to-be-a duplex, circa 1931, house.  
We take DIY to the extreme around here!
 Case in point:
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Now we're about 60% done with our home and loving it a little piece at a time.
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To see more just click the "House Tour" tab!

 In case you don't know DIY remodeling can take a little bit of time. Oh. I mean a lot of time. When I first started blogging this fact left big gaps in my blogging timeline. So to fill in the blanks I began to blog about the other things I love! Now Thistles and Twigs is a happy, lighthearted place where I share fashion ideas, home decor  and life with my sweet little family! Let me introduce them to you.

This is my first born Gwen.

 She just turned 5 and started kindergarten this year! She's sweet and silly and tender and I love her to pieces. She also has amazing hair. I have no idea where it came from...

 This is Ivy our sweet second born.
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She's almost 11 months old and has already brought so much joy to our lives. Just look at that gummy smile! How can you not love her!

She's just now starting to walk and I love watching our family dynamic flex and bend to adapt to life with 2.

 I love that they already have a special sister bond;)

This is my prince charming, the love of my life the wind beneath my wings... too much? Sorry...I just really love this guy!
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 We've known each other for 12 years and been married for a little over 1/2 that.
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 He is an amazing husband and father,  He is the muscle behind my extravagant decorating plans and he never ceases to amaze me with what he is able to do. Replace a rotting beam? Sure! Re-plumb a bathroom? No problem! Make countertops out of stainless steel with your bare hands? He's got this.   Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So that's my little famliy and a little bit about us! Its so nice to meet you and I hope you'll stay awhile and get to know us!


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