Wednesday, May 27, 2015

what i wore wednesday

Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday, a weekly get-out-of-yoga-pants inspiration post! As someone who spends most of everyday at home the urge to pull the couch potato look is strong. However, I have found that I am more productive, energized and just all around happier if I make an effort to put myself together everyday!

Friday night I hung out with my siblings and my sisters and I applied Jamberries to our nails. I'm kind of new to this whole idea and I have to admit-I kind of love them!
 I've been wearing "Luna" and my nails look so nice...I may or may not have ordered a whole slew of wraps to try.  Any other nail wrap addicts out there? I might have a problem...;) 


Saturday we went to a surprise birthday party at an arcade! I love this outfit but considering that I was flying solo with all 3 kids? Tennis shoes might have been a better choice! It really is hard to go out in a hectic public place like that with a 7, 3 and 1 year old! Thank goodness several friends were there to help wrangle my kids;) 


We went to church, had a huge lunch with my in-laws and then went to play Halo at my sisters house. Because I'm an adult obviously.


Monday was Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who have served in our military and fought for freedom.  We celebrated by playing halo with several of our veteran friends-again because I'm good at adulting.  The weather was especially crazy as well...several tornado and flash flood warnings and for a little while there it was looking pretty scary. Thankfully the storms died down and we were still able to make it home. My husbands car did get some water damage. It was parked on the street and the passenger side was submerged :( nothing really to complain about when we watch all the reports of those who have lost so much.  Our prayers are with the families who are still searching for loved ones.

Thank you for reading!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

what to wear to a summer wedding

Wedding season is upon us and sometimes deciding what is appropriate while not stifling is a little tricky-especially in the Texas heat. Lets talk a little summer wedding fashion!

Semi Formal:
Think beach or backyard wedding. Often less formal and more intimate.  As a mom, this is also the most practical of the 3 options simply because its easy to bend down to take care of little ones in long dresses and flat shoes are obviously easier to maneuver.
I think its important to note the fabric of the dress you choose. A cotton maxi dress might not be appropriate where a silky fabric or a high quality jersey would.  I love this option from forever 21!

Other options:

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

This is my favorite of the 3 and I feel it would be perfect for an evening summer wedding.  An A-line mid length skirt should be a closet staple! Pair this lightweight silk option with a breezy tank and dress it up with some classic wedges.  If the weather is especially hot I love the idea of a loose ponytail to keep your hair off your neck.

Other Options:
What to wear to a summer wedding


Here is a great opportunity to pull out my alternative to the little black dress! Somewhat conservative with the high neckline but still modern and fun with the flattering fit and bright color.  In this case I feel less is more. A pair of nude pumps and some interesting earrings and you're ready to go.

Other Options:

What to wear to a summer wedding

I hope you found this post helpful and have a few ideas for what to wear to a summer wedding! 
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

Last week's weather proved rainy and wet with air was so humid and thick you could choke on it!  I'm ignoring the awful weather, especially since another muggy week looms ahead
 and instead looking forward to 30 days of celebrating my 30th birthday!! 
(30 days for 30 years seems reasonable, right?!) 
I wanted to wear a lot of springy, light outfits since we're in the middle of May 
but instead its looking a little like fall around here...  

Torrential downpours couldn't keep us at home! We visited one of my sisters and I avoided all my responsibilities at home. (birthday month remember? I'm allowed) 


This is my actual birthday outfit! The sun decided to shine and some friends treated me to dinner! 
Afterward  we headed back home to enjoy some 
after dinner wine and dessert once the kids were in bed.  
Such a good way to start my 30th year! 

Michael took a few days off so we took the kids to my moms, went out to lunch 
and saw the newest Avengers movie! Really enjoyed it-even though it was another rainy day. 
 My hair was not loving the humidity but luckily a friend sent this beautiful headband 
as a birthday gift. I've been loving this hairstyle lately 
and the waves it leaves when you take it down!  Its like 2 hairstyles in one. 

This dress is crazy, I know. On Saturday we went to a Luau themed party, hence the in your face print!. I haven't worn this dress since before Ben was born since its somewhat form fitting and
 I wasn't quite confident enough to wear something so unforgiving but I have been faithfully doing the
 and its been just enough to help tone and lose the last couple pounds! 
Ben was a giant baby (9lbs 10oz) and I definitely gained more during his pregnancy
 so its taken a little longer to work it off.

Another date day! I am in love with my new wedges from Target even though they make me ridiculously tall.  For our date, Michael and I went to one of those paint and wine classes
 and it was so much fun.  We used a Groupon so it was rather affordable as well and
 we have plans to go again very soon! 

That brings us to the end of WIWW! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe found some inspiration to spruce up your daily outfits! 
I personally love the motivation to try a little harder every week! 

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Blogs I actually read while on a two year blogging break.

Blogging is quite an investment when it comes to the amount of time required. 
 To generate interesting, engaging content while still staying genuine is tough.
I love the blogging community as a whole but in particular I admire these bloggers,
 their dedication and the 'online living rooms' they have created.
 Without further ado:

This blog is an aesthetic dream. Emily's posts are full of beautiful images and she offers a ton of tutorials and freebies to her readers!  Her blog has a calm presence and I always read right away when I see a new post in my inbox.  Emily has a knack for interior design and I love her sense of fashion as well! 

Natalia seems like the type of girl with whom I would be friends in real life. She is so personable and charming and down to earth! Her blog is full of all things beauty plus a little bit about her life as an expat in France.  She posts cute, but practical fashion as a mom of two, product reviews and load of other tips and tricks.  Her writing style is quite spunky as well and more often than not laugh out loud funny!


I love Lindsey's fashion and design sense! They have an adorable home but are in the process of selling it and moving so I'm looking forward to more design posts! Lindsey also hosts the WIWW link party that motivated me to start those posts in the first place. If you're feeling uninspired about your wardrobe just pop over there on a Wednesday!

Lauren has the cutest little girl Scarlett, whose super curly hair reminds me of my Gwen, which is what drew me to her blog in the first place. What kept me there was Lauren's sweet spirit and earnest writing style. She is currently expecting her 2nd baby, a little boy and I'm excited to watch their family grow and to see how Lauren dresses her little man since Scarlett is quite the little fashion maven!

Alison is just inspiring. She hosts really fun fashion challenges, has accessible, gorgeous, personal style and is beautiful to boot! Her blog is all about encouraging other women to find their style and themselves. Her site is a fun place to explore and I love the positive, encouraging atmosphere she has created.

I hope you find some fun new blogs to follow! Do you have any must reads for me to check out? Or perhaps you blog yourself!  Please leave me links in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Return of What I Wore Wednesday

These are my favorite posts to write.  What I wore Wednesday is exactly that. What I wore every day this week! I'm into not looking awful and because my job is so very demanding with little opportunity for down or "me" time I feel that taking a moment every morning to prepare for the day is vital to least it is for me! The days that I'm serving lunch in my pajamas never seem as productive or peaceful as those when I'm put together and ready to take care of business!

Its been so long since I've done this that I felt a little awkward and
 some of these are a little blurry so bear with me!
 I'm excited to challenge myself to share easy, versatile, practical looks for your day to day!

Top: rue21  Skirt: thirfted   Earrings: world market
This was just a causal hang out at home sort of day. We did school and housework etc etc.
A tank top, maxi skirt and some sort of interesting jewelry is still my warm weather go-to outfit.
Its a formula that works for me. 

Jacket/Boots: Target   Dress; Thifted   Earrings; Claires    Ring; Handmade 

I'm in love with these boots from Target. The soft gray color goes so well with everything and with the cooler seasons over I want to get as much use as possible out of them! 

Top; Target  Shorts: American Eagle  Shoes; Walmart  Wrap watch/Triangle Studs; Ebay
I almost didn't post this outfit because its so basic, but some days look like this! 
My shirt has flamingos on it so that makes it interesting right? 

Top: Forever 21  Jeans: Walmart  Earrings; Handmade
see the hair tutorial for this look HERE

Obviously by this time I remembered how to get a clear shot ;) 
Tuesday I hosted a balm making party using essential oils! We made sunscreen, lime vanilla lip balm (amazing) and a bug balm to keep the bugs away!
 I really like the way this top has flowy sleeves but with the shoulders exposed you don't lose all your shape! I do wish it were a little longer...I am simply not into the crop top trend. My torso is way too long and I'm probably way too old! Luckily Forever 21 has a camisole in every color for less than $3 so that will be my solution until everyone realizes how unflattering crop tops are. Sorry. They are.  
Anyway-I tried something new with my makeup too! Usually I just wear something moisture rich and sheer on my lips but I received this beautiful red shade for my birthday and I did feel quite glamorous. Maybe I'll try red lips more often! 

Hopefully you are inspired to try something new next week too!
 Even if its just wearing a fancy lip color remember to take a moment to breathe
before diving back into your daily grind.

Also if you host a fashion link party I'd love to join-leave a link in the comments!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

color inspiration

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting my very good friend's daughter's 1st birthday! 

I think the color palette she chose is just absolutely beautiful and the set up was relatively simple so I thought I'd share in case you were looking for some color inspiration for an upcoming event!

We chose a soft pink, along with cream, gold and a light teal blue for some contrast.,
Adding a burlap runner and a bunting strung on twine lent just the right amount of texture to the soft feminine vibe.  

The theme was "Some Bunny is One"
 so naturally these sweet little rabbits with gold tipped ears
 graced our dainty table!  

The "chalkboard" is actually a piece of foam board from Hobby Lobby.
 I love all the fun details about our sweet birthday girl and the personal touch it adds, along with the clothesline of pictures chronicling her first year!

I love using these tissue paper flowers to decorate for parties.
They can be made rather large so they pack a visual punch, are extremely versatile as
 you can make them in absolutely any color, and the best part?
They are so inexpensive to make! 

We had very specific colors in mind so we were pretty happy to find them
(and the gold dotted party hats) at target.
There are a million tutorials for how to create these flowers,
 but here is a quick overview while you're here.

First, determine what size flower you'll be making

 That's it! Minimal effort for maximum payout.
I hung them from thread and taped them up-they're light so its not hard to get them to stay put. 

I hope you enjoyed/were inspired by this adorable party! 
Let me know if you include tissue paper flowers at your next shindig!

Thank you for reading!