Monday, October 25, 2010

sew busy

So sorry for the lapse in posts! Its been such a busy week-this Saturday is the wedding of one of my oldest friends and I'm doing the 'coordinator/planner/boss you around' type of thing...I'm also altering her gown which of course takes a bit of time-I used to work in a bridal shop doing alterations so its something i'm familiar with-but its tedious stuff-and there is of course a teeensy bit of stress involved-however confident in my abilities I may be-I have to CUT into a super expensive always freaks me out a bit! Its fine though-all done and I didn't ruin it! lol
I did take a break from slaving away at the sewing machine (slight exaggeration;) to encourage my daughters ever growing narcissism(kidding-kidding) seriously though what 2 year old poses like its for the cover of Vouge...
she cracks me up:)

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