Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday!

Every Wednesday I hope to post a list of 10 things that are on my wishlist-in other words things I want crazy bad:) enjoy!

1. this couch from CB2.

if you've never been to this website check it out now! I LOVE their furniture especially-actually I'll go ahead and take this one too:)

2. this dress that Becky from Strumpets Crumpets featured on her blog *swoon* everyone needs to own a dress like this! its from this etsy shop

3. this print from IKEA
love love love! this

4. don't you just love Fiestaware!? i have been longing for a little green teapot....
of course this is the hardest to find and most expensive of all the colors :p
I suppose I could settle for turquoise...
or orange...really i just want a teapot!

5. these amazing mittens

which i no longer have the source for :/

6. a sleeve of poppies-this is the picture i would take the tattoo artist:
wouldn't that be a beautiful tattoo...

7. a cozy corner like this:
I think this picture came from here

8. these would look amazing in Gwens room...or anywhere in my house actually:
click here!

9. these super cute cards

from this etsyshop

and finally
10. One of these beautiful belts from Darlingtonia

hope you enjoyed! Happy Hump day!!

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