Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday!

round 2 of wishlist wednesday!

this week I would like:
to win THIS giveaway sponsored by sunshine and carousels! I just found her blog and i love it:)

this amazing bag
How could you not be in love with this hedgehog soap!

one of little chief honeybee's headbands-seriously? I need this

this just needs to live in my house.

This super cute print-why are acorns adorable?

Smile and Waves dining room-what a lovely spot:)
I especially love the airplane garland...

this Breadbox!

why WOULD'NT you have a fancy box in which to keep your bread!?

ANY of these amazing dresses from pinupgirlclothing but this one in particular tickles my fancy

I've had my eye on this refrigerator for years now-someday! My kitchen just wont be complete without it:)

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I have decided to give up my Big Chill dream for a refridgerater that has a middle dware for the kiddos.....

  2. Totally misspelled most of those words.....see how upset I am :(