Monday, May 2, 2011

'school' with Gwen

I've been trying to be more purposeful in my interaction with my sweet Gwenie. Of course we just plain play sometimes but knowing I plan on homeschooling her, I'm trying to implement a learning lifestyle early on. My mama (who homeschooled all 7 of us) gave me a book called 'slow and steady get me ready' that has weekly projects to do with your child from birth to 4 years that encourage things like confidence, dexterity and awareness of colors, numbers etc.

they're all very simple projects - like a handful of different sized nuts and bolts that we match and screw together - or we looked at pictures of turtles and then she stamped a pattern on a turtle I drew her. Her favorite though is the 'pouring' game. which is just what it sounds like'; a pitcher of water with different sized cups that she practices pouring into:) and while shes pouring we talk about it being 'heavy' and 'full' and then' light' and 'empty.' of course we took it to another level and added color to the water which promoted a little mini lesson on mixing colors-she was so excited when red and blue made purple!!!!! *que girly squeals of delight*

we definitely have happier days when we do 'school'. I think its the extra attentioned with the joy of discovery!

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