Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wide Open Spaces

one wall makes a HUGE difference!

Michael's family was here for the whole brutal thing (which was until 2 am in case you were wondering)

but the wall is gone and we have a glorious open floor plan for our kitchen/den/the undefined back room.

I'm very visual and once I stood in the spot where my sink would have been and made the outline of my originally planned island I wasn't in love with the configuration. So after a few tweaks I now have a 9'x4' island and a true galley style kitchen:

We loved this floorplan so much that we went ahead and bought cabinets!!! After perusing our options (building them ourselves vs. buying them premade vs. custom) we decided that as wonderful as it would be for my very handy husband to build them he simply does not have the time to do so and custom cabinets = $$$. So it was going to be premade. we looked at Home Depot and Lowes where the $160 a square foot price tags were just depressing. But wait! What is that on the inexpensive horizon?

I had never even considered their cabinetry as an option because I'm a 'real wood' snob but after reading the (rave) reviews decided that it was worth a look. Turns out their cabinets are just like everyone elses (wood fronts particleboard frames)-BUT theirs come with super cool door and drawer dampeners and are already finished AND are about 1/2 the price. Plus they come with a 25 year warranty-which is awesome. We went with the 'Ramsjo' finish on both the cabinets and island and I couldn't be happier!
I'm really excited about the design choices Michael and I made together and now all we have to do is rip out the sheetrock on the ceiling and rewire everything and put new sheetrock in and tape and float and texture and sand the floors and stain them and...oh my...

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  1. ARGH! You've given me some motivation to finally start tearing things down in our house! Looking forward to updates! x