Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting to know you

getting to know all about you! OK maybe I meant me.  I found this here and wanted to reshare it here at my little blog home
My Name:

I am: 

Right now I feel:
Tired. Calm.

The sounds I hear are:  
The AC humming and Gwenyth playing in her room
I feel most connected to this person:
My sweet wonderful husband

I think it’s weird that:
My kids look nothing alike
It bothers me when:
I feel like I can't share my thoughts and I choke on my words

The best thing about my personality is: 
 I'm upbeat and encouraging

The hardest thing I have overcome is
Being angry about things that have happened to me a long time ago-no one needs to hold on so tightly to such a damaging emotion

 My favorite part about life is:

This is attractive in the opposite sex: 
Sometimes I wonder about:
 What kind of people my children will grow to be

I usually get bored while:
 Nursing my baby...

If someone hates me, I:
am sad. Hate is ugly

I’m afraid that:
I might lose someone I love
I admire:
lately? some of these Olympic athletes. 

I wish:
My house was finished

I feel exhilarated when:
I connect with people in meaningful ways
I appreciate:

Gods Grace

I’ll never get over:
um-nothing. I'm pretty good at getting past things

The best thing to happen this week was: 
I got to re-focus on my little family and prioritize our family goals

I feel fat after:
ice cream. Why is it SO GOOD?!

If I could tell the world just one thing it would be:  
Its not about you. 
Some people are just so:  
Craycray. just kidding-some people are just so self absorbed.

I’m optimistic about:

My Go to restaurants:
none-I prefer to cook at home!

I yearn for: 

I’m jealous of:
People with finished houses (0_o)

I trust:
 Michael. absolutely.
My intuition is usually: 
about 50-50 haha

One time, I spontaneously:
combusted. true story. 

I haven’t had this feeling in a long time:
I’m proud of:  
Michael for working so hard ALL the time, Gwen for being sweet to her little sister, and Ivy for rolling over:)

I would never be seen wearing:  
those sunglasses with the lines over the lenses. I just don't get it...

The scariest dream I ever had was:
I have dreams about being chased that suck

I am annoyed when:  
People bring their drama to Facebook

I feel most beautiful when:  
My hair is long and windblown (

I could care less about:  
Politics. I know I should pay more attention but its just SO borrriinnggg  

My favorite kind of movie is:
A comedy. a CLEAN comedy. Now that is a tall order...

I often get distracted by:
I have an amazing attention spa....

I’m eager to:
Honestly-and call me crazy-but I’m eager to meet my next baby;)

I’m glad that:
I am not currently pregnant-I'm eager-but I can wait a little longer ;)

I feel guilty about: 
not doing school with Gwen today 

I’ve finally made peace with the fact that:  
I don't have to please everyone

I’m most talkative around: 
My mama and sisters

I get embarrassed when: 
someone publicly compliments me-I get all red and stutterey... 

One feeling I hate is:

One feeling I love is:

Ok, your turn. Answer 3 of these questions in the comments! Or reblog with your answers and link it so I can see@

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  1. Hello! I wanted to pop in (love the blog design, by the way) and say a huge thank-you for your comment on my post last Friday. It really cheered me up. A virtual hug over to you! Thank you!