Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've watched my sister dye my 'bonus' brothers hair


trimmed my hair

and took artsy photos of my diapers.

I spent some time with my sister

on a road trip

with some essentials

We also laughed at this sign at our hotel

More recently we laughed at this baby eating her cake

and went through some of Gwenies old clothes for-she had some seriously cute shoes that I cant wait for Ivy to fit into

 I also mapped out living room furniture. Which Michael laughed at me for doing -I told him he'd be thankful later when we don't spend too much money on a couch that doesn't fit

those 3 chairs are the couch.  The tape measure next to them is how deep it will be with the console table.  the other 2 are a rug-obviously.  I am super technical with my home decor methods...

what have you been up too??