Wednesday, August 8, 2012


If you know me, you know I love clothes. and shopping. and dressing up in general. I truly believe a well dressed day can accomplish more than a pajama day. At least for me this the case. This is why every day I make it a point to GET DRESSED. Which is why I love WIWW or What I wore Wednesdays over at The Pleated Poppy. Its, in her words " some accountability to get out of your yoga pants and put just a smidge more effort into yourself!"  Lately after having Ivy, my clothes have been fitting...differently. There is definitely more temptation to work those yoga pants anyway.  Now I have different 'shapes' to accommodate and everything  has to be breast feeding friendly. Even jewelry has to be done a little differently when your holding a 4 (1/2!?!) month old all day.  Its made getting dressed in the morning a little difficult and frustrating to be honest.  My sweet husband made the mistake of answering my "I have nothing to wear" lament with "what are you talking about? you have plenty of clothes!"  Picture a death-glare and  daggers from my eyes as I hissed "They. Don't. Fit."  This only happened once-and don't worry we laughed about it afterward-he happens to like my 'shapes' and I am not an evil snake lady. ;)

So! without further ado here is "What I Wore Wednesday" starting with last Wednesday

I wore this to a childs birthday party,

 this to my Thursday morning bible study,

and this to Fredricksburg for a weekend trip-you'll hear more about that tomorrow! 
 You'll also hear my reasons why there is not a Saturday or Sunday OR Monday picture...its been a crazy weekend.

 This is what I wore yesterday to basically clean all day in an attempt to recover from said weekend.

better than yoga pants right??


  1. Too cute - great look on you!
    New follower - hope you can stop by and do the same

  2. I totally agree. I HAVE to get dress in the morning or I will just sleep on the couch all day! It even helps me wake up when I get the kids dressed too, lol. and of course, being pregnant, I have the same delimah of, "I have NOTHING to wear!"

  3. Love your pics! You always look cute & those new shapes are evidence of blessings of children. Embrace them and dress them up!