Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Friday! 3 ways to wear it

Happy Friday!
I'll be working around this classic white blouse today

Splendid top

everyone has one of these in their closet right?
first up

journalist trend

After pulling out my minnetonkas last week I knew I definitely wanted to include them in the 3 ways to wear it and now I need a skirt like that so I can wear this outfit! I would probably tuck the shirt in but leave it loose and roll up the sleeves.

safari hipster

I'd like to think this is what a hipster would wear on a safari.  Hipsters have been on safari before it was cool.
Since there is a lot of neck stuff going on I left the wrists bare and I really like this look for Autumn.  It still 'feels' summery but would be warm enough for  brisk breeze.

less is more

For this last look I thought I'd take it a totally different direction.  I think that less is more in this case and I love the sophistication of this outfit.  Perfect for date night or a formal wedding!  It could even be work appropriate although I would lose the clutch,  switch out the shoes for nude pumps and depending on the work environment, add a blazer.

So! Which look tickles your fancy?  I'd love to have a reason to wear #3. 
Whats your favorite way to dress up (or down) a white button up? 
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  1. I'm going to say that I can see you most in #2 and #3. I think I like those two the best too.

  2. Oh LaLA!! I just bought a bright Orange on the other daay, very similar to this top! I Love Love LOVE it!!!
    ..and i think i;m in love with the white!! ...and colored jeans are a new obsession!!