Friday, October 5, 2012

3 ways to wear: Floral Pants

Happy Friday!

So. I have this thing I do whenever a new 'trend' comes out. First I'm all "no. never. I hate it." Then I'm kinda "eh...maybe...sometimes" and finally, when the trend has almost been worn to death  I'm like:

 Ok maybe not like that exactly but my point is things have to grow on me. I think its conditioning to some point -I just get so used to seeing something that it becomes ok.  I felt this way about skinny jeans and now I love them. I did this with colored jeans and now I actually own a pair.  I've done this with  Ugg Boots and... nope still hate Ugg boots....There's always an exception...anyway I'm starting to come around on the floral printed pants. Or printed pants of any kind-I've seen leopard and polka dot too, so I decided to come up with 3 ways I would wear floral pants-if I were to wear them at all

Floral Pants #1

This first look is very girly and classic. I kept the jewelry to a minimum since I liked the streamlined silhouette of the ponytail and I didn't want to compete with those crazy pants!  I could see myself wearing this to church or to somewhere slightly dressy. Its a little prim and proper but still fun and I like that.

Floral Pant #2

This look is relaxed but pulled together.  Great for long days out when you want to look good but still be comfortable. This one is more in my personal comfort zone and could be a great date night outfit. That is, if your honey doesnt mind floral pants.
I'm pretty sure my only-has-3-colors-in-his-closet guy would be a little weirded out by them...

Floral pants #3

#3 is probably the "youngest" of the 3. I would still wear this but it would have to be on a day I was feeling brave. Its a little throwback grunge with the boots but I think the romantic hairstyle helps to pull it back a little and keep it current.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Or are you completely appalled by printed pants??  Let me know in the comments! I love when you lovely ladies chime in!

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  1. I think the first look is my fav. I have a pair of floral pants and I just try to keep it simple when I wear them. I let the pants be the star of the outfit. I still hate Ugg boots too.
    Penniless Socialite

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