Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello Dear Blog!

 A week has gone by since I updated you and its mostly because I find myself camera-less! :( I accidentally left it at my Grandmothers house when we surprised her for her 85th birthday! Its on its way back to me now so I thought I'd share a little re-cap via instagram/camera phone pictures  to catch you up on the goings on around here! Tomorrow we'll be back to my usual What I wore Wednesday post-albeit a day late...

We went camping on my in-law's land over the weekend!

I don't love camping. Mostly because I'm lazy and vain and camping takes a lot of work.

I kid I kid!
A little...

What I do love is the challenge of putting a tent up. In the dark.
I also love the sugar crazed madness that ensues after consuming jumbo sized marshmallows. Gwen was like a hamster on a wheel running around the tent...I also love sleeping on the ground.  The word love here is loosely translated to hate. Loath is also acceptable. I may have whispered "I hate camping" to my husband as we lay there under the stars and over the rocks. I also may have elbowed him under the covers while our  4 yr old  twitched and vibrated beside us while coming down from her sugar high...

Joking aside, I really don't hate camping. And I'm not an abusive spouse either. I actually loved it after Michael brought out an air mattress. Next time we know to start out that way! duh.  My Lovin Man happens to be a marshmallow roasting pro so really-we had a good time;)

We also played a few games of castle risk with my sisters and brothers and their significant others.

Yes we're nerdy. Yes I'm OK with that.
These are 2 of my sisters. I  act exceptionally immature around them. And we're blurry. So there ya go.

So I'm still here! Just took an unexpected little break! I missed you though;)
Something else has happened in my absence here too.  Something very exciting!

Can you guess what it is?

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