Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend update!

This weekend was the bridal extravaganza!Photo: Big #smile #photoadayjanuary2013 #bridalextravaganza 

It was especially fun this year for 2 reasons. 1, My daughter Gwen modeled some flower girl dresses for the first time

  and 2 we met David Tutera!!
Photo: Totally just met David Tutera
He was introducing a new line of gowns and was hosting one of the shows.  We've watched his show, "My Fair Wedding" on netflix so Gwen knew who he was and was completely starstruck. He was so sweet to her:)
Then he followed me on Twitter so we're pretty much best friends now. Photo: We're pretty much best friends now...                                                       Seriously ladies if you have a wedding in the future look up his line for Moi Chere-Gorgeous!
That's me on his right!
  It was an exciting, exhausting weekend. I always love the opportunity to put on these beautiful dresses and swirl and twirl on a stage in them but when its over I'm more than happy to take off these crazy lashes
Photo: Mile long lashes...#bridalextravaganza
and come home to my babies
 How was your weekend??
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  1. You met Davis Tutera...I am so jealous! I love his show, especially the new Unveiled one where he reveals how crazy the brides are. Fun! P.S. That first dress and that adorable one on your daughter are to die for. Love.

  2. Oh how amazing! Looks like fun!

  3. What! Is he as great in real life as he seems on the show?! How fun!

  4. How exciting! I love My Fair Wedding, and the behind the scene shows where he reveals the crazies lol.

    You and your daughter look so pretty :)

    Thanks for linking up with us for Weekend Update!

  5. You look super gorgeous - that looks like a lot of fun!
    Your girls are so cute!

    Stopping in from Weekend Update.