Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I think I found something new to love.

Its hard for me to paint my nails.

Not in an "I'm unable to paint them because I am incapable way" more like a "I can't pick up the crying baby because my nails are wet" kind of way which is really a lame excuse so my nails just end up unpainted. Until last night. We're hosting 5 girls for an Aquire the Fire event (which is a local youth concert/convention type thing) and since that makes 12 hands available to cuddle and love on my sweet Ivy I painted the heck out of them! I even added glitter.
I also discovered a new love for the amazing nail art on Pinterest as we all scrolled through for inspiration. 
I have a new found appreciation for the term nail "art"

I mean just look at them!

nail art.neon nail artpretty idea for nails

 kokoro nails: FAIR ISLE NAIL ART : a nail art blog by a nail polish obsessive

I'm also loving the accent nail thing:  nail art..

Blue Rose Nail Art Design.     I wish Rina could do my nails all the time!love it accent nail artMy Current Nail Art Obsession? The Accent Nail! - Nail styles and Nail Polish | Daily Nail

I love these half moons!
pink with gold half moon & gold accent nails nail art design

I also am dying to try these new nail strips

3D Nail Art
from Essie
And especially these

 from Sally Hansen-I love the gold tip!

Nail strips are actually the perfect solution to the wet nail thing-you just press and smooth them on and voila!

I know I'm late to jump on the nail art train so please share-What is your favorite way to do your nails? Any amazing tutorials to share??

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  1. Hey there, these nails are AMAZING! I am a new follower from the GFC blog hop. Happy to be following you here on the blog and look forward to see what you got coming up. :) I have an awesome giveaway going on right now. Have you ever heard of Firmoo? It is an online optical store, but they have some super cute glasses & sunglasses, prescription & non-prescription, and they are giveaway away some specs on my blog! Love for you to swing by and check it out. You can enter the giveaway here http://dalaynadillon.blogspot.com/2013/02/firmoo-is-best.html. Talk with ya soon!

  2. Love these. I especially like the white ones with the black and the taupe and neon yellow. So pretty.


  3. I am slowly coming around with the nail art thing! I prefer to keep it simple, but I really like adding an accent nail.

    The new Sally Hansen strips look like they'll be great for summer. A classic french with a little twist, so fun!!

    The Journey...

  4. I am loving all of these! I need to get better and doing my own nails. Found your blog through the GFC hop. :)
    -Sara @ The Hinton Hook-Up

  5. i am LOVING that crackled gold!

  6. bwa haha. "nail art". I think it looks beautiful, but I can barely keep my nail polish on my nail. As soon as my "art" would get chipped, I'd be frustrated!