Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Hello! Are you managing the time change well??   This about sums up how I feel about it...
Why?? Why do we still subject ourselves to this torture?!


We went to the Renaissance fair this weekend for my brother in-laws birthday!
We also took our kids with us for the first time and discovered how much easier it is to navigate WITHOUT a stroller...

 Gwen just looks overjoyed in these pictures doesn't she...I promise she had fun!



  I wish I had remembered to bring my camera  because my phone died halfway through but I did manage to capture a few moments of their first Ren Fair!  We also experienced another first.  I am not used to having such a fair child & poor Ivy got a little sunburn


mommy fail...;(

How was your weekend?? Any sunburn remedies suitable for an almost 1 year old and her red little cheeks??

Thanks for reading!

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  1. i love all your costumes. ivy is too cute in the tutu.
    we were at a soccer tournament this week-end and my little got sunburned too. im always loading her up with spf but i didn't think about it, there was frost on the ground! who thinks about sunscreen when there is frost on the ground?!!
    looks like a really fun time y'all had.

  2. Looks fun! I would say aloe, aloe, aloe for her burn! That's the only thing for sunburns I will put on my face!