Thursday, April 11, 2013

I grow stuff.

Actually...I kill stuff

 Funny Friendship Ecard: I just want to let you know that if you ever need to have a plant killed, I'm the person to do that job. I take care of my neighbors pretty flowers, i told her do i have flowers in my bc i can't keep them alive! LOL

My husband?  Now he grows stuff! I always forget to water...


 there is something so amazing about watching plants spring from the earth 
where before there was only dirt.

 I can't wait to pick fresh produce from our backyard!
How about you? Are you a notorious plant murderer like myself? Or is your thumb a greener hue?

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  1. What?! You are so green thumb-y. All growing your own veggies. What are you growing? How did you set things up. When I told my hubs that I wanted to grow my own veggies and he asked me if I'd kill everything... So I'm a plant grim reaper too. Very cool though! Hope you little garden is very fruitful!! (I'll stop with the bad puns now. lol)

    1. Lol! We're more or less doing square foot gardening-I can do a more detailed post if you'd like! It really is the hubby doing the maintenance though-I have watered them once...

  2. Story of my life! I'm terrible at keeping plants. I love someecards, btw. Such a great site.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  3. I love growing veggies. Going into third season of growing - so satisfying x

  4. ha! I'm with you - I kill everything!

  5. LOL I love gardening and am pretty good at keeping things alive and healthy-outside!!! I kill everything inside-except for the cactus I've had for 3 years...obviously it's ok without water...

  6. yep, plant murderer. I try, but I always forget. My husband isn't a big green thumb either, so this summer we're "planting" some mulch in our backyard! :) We have a nice space along our fence where we could put flowers, but neither of us care about things like that.