Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Happy Wednesday!  This week seems long's funny how some weeks just fly by while others just drag on. Not that its been a bad week! I just feel like I have lots of time. It's probably the warmer weather and thoughts of a lazy summer. Maybe its not that I have more time, I'm just planning to do less haha! Ok!  Lets see what I wore last week ;)
 This is what I wore Saturday to go get my haircut. To be honest I'm having a little haircut remorse especially looking at these pictures;-(oh grows.  After my haircut we spent the day in my in-laws pool while Michael worked on his project car.
 Monday we just hung out at home getting some house work done! I just love that wrap watch. It was a gift from Michael for my birthday and it is my new favorite accessory! be prepared to see it almost everyday;)
Tuesday was another mellow day at home.  I love the movement in this dress and how easy it is to wear. I feel like it stands alone well and doesn't need a lot of styling! My hair on the other hand...I forgot how high maintenance bangs are...

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  1. That beaded headband is so delicate and beautiful! I love the cobalt blue maxi. Ross has some incredible dresses, I just hit them up for a few last weekend!

    1. They have some surprising pieces sometimes! Thanks:)

  2. the first outfit is beautiful! also, i wanna know how to make a cool beaded headband. Is it easy to wear? Does it get tangled easily? I have supercoily hair/afro so that's my only concern. Oh well. I'll have to try it. Your new bangs are great!
    ((I'm visiting via WIWW. You can see my outfit at Olivia Cleans Green.)

    1. Thank you! The beaded headband is really a necklace-I just tucked a few bobby-pins in here and there to keep it in place! It didn't tangle in my hair so I don't thin you would have any issues-but bigger beads might work better;) Thanks so much for following!