Monday, May 11, 2015

color inspiration

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting my very good friend's daughter's 1st birthday! 

I think the color palette she chose is just absolutely beautiful and the set up was relatively simple so I thought I'd share in case you were looking for some color inspiration for an upcoming event!

We chose a soft pink, along with cream, gold and a light teal blue for some contrast.,
Adding a burlap runner and a bunting strung on twine lent just the right amount of texture to the soft feminine vibe.  

The theme was "Some Bunny is One"
 so naturally these sweet little rabbits with gold tipped ears
 graced our dainty table!  

The "chalkboard" is actually a piece of foam board from Hobby Lobby.
 I love all the fun details about our sweet birthday girl and the personal touch it adds, along with the clothesline of pictures chronicling her first year!

I love using these tissue paper flowers to decorate for parties.
They can be made rather large so they pack a visual punch, are extremely versatile as
 you can make them in absolutely any color, and the best part?
They are so inexpensive to make! 

We had very specific colors in mind so we were pretty happy to find them
(and the gold dotted party hats) at target.
There are a million tutorials for how to create these flowers,
 but here is a quick overview while you're here.

First, determine what size flower you'll be making

 That's it! Minimal effort for maximum payout.
I hung them from thread and taped them up-they're light so its not hard to get them to stay put. 

I hope you enjoyed/were inspired by this adorable party! 
Let me know if you include tissue paper flowers at your next shindig!

Thank you for reading! 


  1. I made paper flowers for Eva's birthday last month! Confession: they are still hanging in my breakfast nook! I will be moving them to her big girl room for decoration shortly... ;) beautiful party!

    1. One of my sisters decorated with the flowers we used at her baby shower! Eva is ready for a big girl room!? So big, so fast!

  2. It looks beautiful. You did such a great job. I have always wanted to do a backyard party that looks like this, but the time of year that my children's birthdays fall on is not too accommodating. :(

    1. Thank you! I feel your pain-one of my daughters has a January birthday! The weather is always iffy!

  3. I remember making tissue paper flowers when I was younger, I always loved doing that! They are so fun and festive - looks like a great birthday party!

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