Tuesday, July 13, 2010

some exciting things!

well this whole completely remodel your home thing is taking an obscene amount of time to orchestrate-blah! But in the mean time i have some other minor things going on that-i think-are awesome-like...i made cupcakes! really cute ones-see:

and my sweet little girl helped! she was waaay excited to help me stir:)

also I had a nifty hair style the other day:

I was channeling Lucille Ball in a major way...

and i bought myself flowers yesterday!

i was having a horrible time with the lighting inside so i had to take them outside to really capture their vibrancy!

I also bought some felt! and buttons - i've been wanting to make some felt hairpieces forever so I'm excited about it! of course i have a feeling this is some pretty low quality felt but oh well I'm going to have fun messing around with it:)

I've also realized i've developed a fondness for teal...

anyway I wish it would go faster-i am so looking forward to posting the after pictures of our home but in the meantime I'm have fun with the little joys!

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