Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rompers and Gladiators

Today I was brave.
I stepped way out of my fashion comfort zone and wore:
a Romper.
it has cute buttons...

Gladiator sandals.

and was surprisingly comfortable in my own skin. which makes me realize how much more secure I am when compared to a year or so ago...

anywho-the romper ect is a result of a lonnnng overdue shopping spree with my sister- i bought the best sunglasses

the Husband actually took the paperwork to the bank today...which is a bit nerve wracking-because it means this is for real! we'll see...

i also picked up a bunch of pictures from walgreens so i can scrapbook. Some are from our trip to the beach and then some are just random cute ones of Gwen:

Also!! The fabric for Gwen's quilt came in the mail today! so hopefully next time i'll have pictures of the front-entirely pieced and sewed to show you...:D

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