Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Turns out

I hate to prime.

I consider myself a generally neat, level headed person. But put a roller in my hand and stick me in a fume filled room and I turn into a paint splattering, obscenity mumbling, grouchy, unreasonable wench. My husband is a saint.

I am so not a DIY (er-well-when it comes to construction-I can craft like crazy) which means this might turn into a complain fest. Maybe if I just put exclamation points after every sentence! It will look like I’m overwhelmed with joy! Instead of secretly despairing! it will never be finished! Also I will throw in a few Huzzahs! For good measure! Keeps moral up! Huzzah!

Any whooooo

We primed and painted! And I LOVE the color- I’ll admit I was a little nervous while it dried but OH its beautiful *contented sigh* and I love how it looks with the accent color

oh-I'm wearing the accent color! (Que cheesy thumbs up shot)

yeah-"thumbs up" looks so weird...it was seriously hard to take a picture of this pose...maybe its just my strangely curved thumb...

Yeah...thats probably it...

So these babies are up next

Can't you see the beauty peeking out from under Lord knows what...ech...oh I mean Huzzah! :)


  1. i have a painting project tomorrow! we'll see how it goes...i'm usually not the biggest fan either..