Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Something Superficial

Can I be vain and shallow for a moment? K thanks

I reeeeally want my hair to be long again....

Its almost long enough to be called long

but not near long enough for me! Doesn't everyone have a certain hair length/color/style in which they feel the most like "themselves" For me-my ideal hair is about 5 inches longer than it is now and dark brown with bluntish sweepy bangs.
what irks me is-I HAD IT!

And then got bored...and chopped it, and dyed it and super chopped it and now-I'm just leaving it and letting it grow-but its ssooooo boring :p

until then-I'll just wear it I can pretend it could cascade down my back if i wanted it to
Hurry up and grow, hair!


  1. that is a very good question. i am growing my hair long and i want to be able to do braids and milkmaid braids so i am not sure if it is me yet but i hope it is..i have worked so hard to keep it long and have been fitting those urges i get to cut it. i used to have really really long hair when i was little and i am trying to get back to that..but i like my hair all kinds of lengths..i have cut it boy short before but probably was not the best look but was fun and i have had a chin length...i think once i get it to where i want it i will reevaluate and take it from there! i have been really in the mood to dye my hair red as i used to dye my hair all kinds of colors but i think right now i am loving my natural color :D i think your hair looks beautiful and i love that when your hair is long you can have it up in a bun, a pony tail, braids or in what i like to call it a birds nest :0


  2. I hear ya, maybe just going dark for the time being would make you feel a little more like yourself? playing with bangs and color can cheer you up a lot :D

  3. well-I've decided I'm going to reward myself with dark hair once it grows another 2 inches:) Ugh I'm such a girl when it comes to my hair

  4. I have the exact same problem: I had pretty and healthy long hair, but I got bored and cut it. I had it short for years, and now I'm trying to let it grow long. But it takes SO long! There has to be a way to make hair grow faster!!