Monday, October 11, 2010

take a swim in the mermaid lagoon!

I finally got my camera back from my sister! Last weekend we had my niece Kayla's 5th birthday ( with a theme of course) it was so cute! we made mermaid tales for the girls-and Noah was just a handsome beach bum:

We really had fun decorating-which we always do-but I was really happy with the way this party came out-as a rule we have elaborate costume encouraged parties and this one was the easiest we've done in a long time! The spread:

we like to do cupcakes for little kiddos-and these are so cute! its a little personal paradise

We also had the little girls make seashell headbands (or mermaid princess tiaras! its all in how you present it)

we had a treasure chest pinata but i didn't get good picture of it:( Heres the best one:
Hope (my sister) is notorious for making rock solid pinatas - so two of our brothers went at it before it finally broke!I don't think they minded...

overall a success:)
also-we did something silly in the bathroom
I'm still deciding what to do for Gwen's 3rd birthday coming up in January-I'm thinking "Lords and Ladies"-because she is in the "princess" phase and really-its only so long that you can have a princess party for your little girl-but we have alot of little boys that would come too-so they can be valient knights?...I dunno I havn't decided yet... any ideas? :)

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  1. Disney princesses. The boys could be the princes or Gastuon. Bwhahahah!