Monday, October 11, 2010

whole lot of awesome going on in this post

Remember these:

they are no more
i cannot believe the amazing-ness of what i am about to show you-be prepared to be boggled:

THAT is my floor!!! The Hubster, in a fit of awesomeness rented a sander and sanded those floors for 6 hours straight (until 4 am bless him) (did anyone else say what it is those parentheses in an Irish lilt? no? OK)

I only have awful iphone pictures of the sanding process so i wont subject you to that blurriness but rest assured it was quite a job-when i checked on him around 2 am he had the look of a crazed maniac (which, honestly? he must be -who sands floors all night long?)

as if that wasn't amazing enough he installed the new ceiling fan WHICH HAS A REMOTE CONTROL!!!! yes thats right. I'm lazy. and i love it. don't' judge.

AND if that amazing-ness isn't impressing you my Daddy dearest came over Saturday just to stain them - then again on Sunday just to polyurethane them!(which is why they look so beautiful) I have to say I am so very blessed to have such great men in my life! I just love them! (the men...and the floors...but in totally different ways) I cant go in there yet because the varnish is still wet ( and stinky) but I pause throughout the day just to gaze on their beauty and daydream about baseboards and doorjambs...


  1. Awesome job! Beautiful floors. Didn't know that you had a blog...great job

  2. hi! i didn't know YOU had a blog! its what all the cool kids are doing:)