Monday, October 11, 2010

thrifty goodies!

On Saturday while my dad worked his magic on the floors my mom and I went to our new favorite thrift store where I found some super cute little knick knacks

I also found some pillows that I adore!

there are 3 of them and the opposite side is the same design inverted-they are just perfect!

I also went to a swap on Friday-Guys this is the best idea EVER you just bring the things you no longer want or need and everyone else does the same and then you just take whatever you want! for FREE!

I picked up this cute little guy at the swap:who looks amazing with my fall decorations
but I have a feeling he's not going to be packed up:)
and this tricycle:

and at both the swap and the thrift store I found a few new dandy things for me to wear! Speaking of clothes, as I am a bit of a clotheshorse I think I'm going to start doing some "outfit of the day" or week or whatever posts...maybe it will be a weekly thing: "Fancy Fridays" or something- what do you think?!

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