Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekly Project!

I'm going to start another regular feature here in my little blog world : the weekly project!
I have a mountain of unfinished sewing and crafty projects and ideas so you my dear blog readers will now hold me accountable for completing at least ONE every two weeks (lets be realistic right?)

so to start us off I have two little projects that I finished yesterday!

one-I added bigger bows to these shoes

Making them infinitely cuter
annnnd I dyed these pants!

because of this horrific stain-
i'm going to call it coffee...

with this dye
and the black soup goes into the washing machine

with the stained pants

Voila! new pants!

awesome bonus: The stitching stayed white! I think it adds a neat detail to them

i love it when i get things done!


  1. uh, yes. the pants are AWESOME. do you have to clean your washing machine afterwards??

  2. yes with bleach! unless you want gray tinged clothes...