Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday!

Unfortunately - my camera ate my Halloween pictures so now I cant share them with you :( so sad! oh well....

my wish-list!!

Most of these are pictures for which I no longer have the source-just random pictures I have saved:)

1.I'd love to fill a room with balloons-just cause-also the colors in this picture are amazing

2.This Pencil scarf
3. Look at how awesome this living room is-this is how shag carpet and floral couches should be done!

4. such cute embroidery patterns! Maybe I should add embroidery to my long list of unfinished projects...source

5. I really, REALLY, REALLY want one of these

6. These colors inevitably show up everywhere in my life-and I need those shoes...

7. I know this is from an etsy shop-and I wish I could remember which one!

8.This Gorgeous dress-I love the details

9. This picture make me want fresh flowers in my house everyday!

and 10. if I didn't care about spending a exorbitant amount on gas, I would drive this truck...


Happy Wednesday!

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