Monday, February 7, 2011

Party Post #1 The Pinata!

First-we(by we I mean my sister and I-shes my partner in crime for all my parties)
made the Pinata-

we were a little worried at this point-it was looking a little wonky...

but the paper mache helped a little

and here is how it turned out once the tissue paper and face was put on!
(Hope drew the eyes and mouth-she is an incredible artist)

Its the Cheshire Cat! We used him as decoration during the party (get it? Its just a floating head! )

I also fed the paper bags through the printer for an extra little touch-I think they look so cool!

I was a little sad that it wasn't as sturdy as I'd hoped-some of the bigger kids didn't get to have a turn-we should have done another layer-now I know for next time!

Next up-the Decorations!

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