Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Finery and such

I tried to get Michael to take a picture of me in my Easter dress but all of the ones he took were zoomed in on inappropriate places...so here is one where you can see the top of it:its such a pretty dress and so comfortable too! Gwenie was all decked out too-gotta love those curls:)

and just for kicks heres my husband looking rather j-crew...meeeoow

In our family its tradition that, while the kids have a normal Easter egg hunt the big kids (aka 'adults') look for 'the golden egg' which is hidden in a ridiculously hard to find spot. Why would we waste hours (yes hours) looking for said egg? Money. Everyone who looks has to put in $5 and in a family as big as ours it gets to be quite a prize. I think it was around $100 this year. Anyway my cousin Aaron found it this year-it was jigsawed into that stack of bricks behind him

We had a good day overall - I got to spend time with my Family and reflect on how truly blessed we are!! God is good:)

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