Tuesday, April 26, 2011

maiden voyage!

This week I had an opportunity to meander around anthropologie all by myself-I had never been to the store but i've often drooled over the online catalog. It was...amazing

I resisted the urge to take pictures in the store-although I reeeally wanted to-but I already felt a little touristy...anyway i walked slowly around the entire store just soaking in all the beautiful things and low and behold there at the back of the store was the 'sale' room! What!?? yes please!

I only bought one, tiny thing

this switch plate cover that was marked down from $24 (really? for a switch plate cover!?)

to $3.95!
(thats more like it) 4.28 with tax I think it will look amazing on my wall (which I'm working on-I think we're getting closer to something I love...)

I will say that, as a seamstress I was impressed with the quality of the garments in the store-the fabric, finishes and workmanship is worth the hefty price tag-if I were to make it for someone I would charge the price they are...I might have to invest in some anthropologie pieces...from the sale room of course;)

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