Sunday, April 17, 2011

Re-Style: Cupcake stand!

Forgive the awful iphone photo quality:( I picked up this cupcake stand at the last swap I went to! It was missing the top tier so I bought that wall hanging peg thing at Hobby Lobby and screwed it on the top so it would look finished. Yes i know it looks wonky in this picture-don't worry I fixed it)
Then I coated the whole thing in "bright idea' spray paint and was done! I do think any cupcakes that sit on it are going to have to have know so nobody eats spray paint and dies.

I got to use it for the first time at my future sis-in-laws bridal shower! I absolutely LOVE the bright colors:) But I didn't get to eat any of those delicious looking cupcakes-or take any more pictures because Gwen got sick and we had to leave early:( poor baby!! She slept most of the afternoon and when she wasn't sleeping she would say she wanted to 'snuggle' with me:) so I changed from my 'cute shower' look:

to the snuggle friendly 'mom taking care of sick baby ensemble' :
classy right! Shes feeling much better now!


  1. Ran across your blog, and I do gotta say. Cute! ABout the cupcake and paint thing...they make a food-grade polyurethane thatyou can put over the paint. WE used it on our hand-crafted dining table, and wood counters.

  2. oh fabulous! thanks for letting me know:)