Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Wall.

for some reason decorating our room has been a little tricky-Gwen's was almost effortless-maybe I'm just too close to the project? Anyway I while back I posted this picture:

as my inspiration for this wall:

since then i've finally gathered together enough things to make my own random wall of coordinating um...stuff and then of course it sat on the floor in the corner of my room for a month (sheepish and slightly lazy face inserted *here*)

when I finally put it all up

I wasn't in love...

the space just felt a little 'blah' I felt like it needed something on the other side of the arrangement to balance it out

so I moved a few things around and brought in a "placeholder" chair and lamp to gauge whether or not I liked the way it 'felt' (very technical decorators terms I'm using here)

I *think* i like it--but would like to replace them with this lamp:

and this chair:


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