Monday, May 30, 2011

Tear Down the Wall!

Thats right I took it down! As much as I loved the idea it just wasn't working in the space. See how it just looks cluttery? I felt that this wall was just too big and it felt unbalanced and off kilter. SO as soon as I admited this to myself and began to think of other options I had a "DUH' moment-also known as an 'aha moment for those less self deprecating than I. Put the biggest piece of furniture on the biggest wall. (Duh right?) As soon I let myself 'not like' the wall and furniture arrangement I decided it was ok to "not like" the wall color as well (mini confession: I actually came to this realization about 3 weeks after we painted it but didn't want to tell my sweet husband-he had worked so hard!! *insert sheepish face here* He took it well though)

So with all of these realizations in mind I got to work.

I took down the wall and patched the holes
and thought reeeeally long and hard about what color I wanted to paint -I knew it would be a shade of gray but was unsure of the depth of color i wanted. I even went so far as to buy samples!(here you can seee just long and awkward that wall was!)

in the end decided that deep dark gray was romantic, soothing and just plain perfect! (its 'weathervane' by valspar)

and of course Re-arranged the set up
The transformation is just beautiful-I am now totally satisfied and love this space!!
(dont worry! I have plans for that empty frame)

I have something I'm working on for this corner that I can't wait to show you:)
That's what I did this weekend!

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