Monday, May 30, 2011

Lamp Re-style

Some of you may have noticed my fancy new lamp shades in my last post
When I decided I didn't like the blue on the walls I decided i didn't like the green in there either
( in other words I totally scrapped my original plan...what?! A girls allowed to change her mind! )

inspired by this lampshade from Anthropologie(so you know they're proud of it $$$)
I decided to recover them in like fashion

I committed book sacrilege and ripped up the this old dictionary that I got for $1! (gotta love half price books)

first I tried laying the pages in a row-but decided that looked too much like a tacky pleated lampshade circa 1987
and opted to rip and tear to create a more random layout

I modgepodged (with Matte modgepodge) over the paper and then hot glued single fold bias tape around the edges to finish it off! They go very well with my new improved bedroom-and the whole project cost me about $5! Here's the before:
and After!


  1. That's so cool!!!Great idea and thanks for sharing!

  2. pretty neat. it would look good in an office too :)