Friday, June 10, 2011

Kitchen floor plan and inspiration board

I thought I might give you an idea of what we're planning on for the layout of our new kitchen and some visuals for what I'd like to do design wise!

Here is the (very) basic layout-forgive my amateurish paint rendering - you get the idea right! Also its not to scale. I didn't want to spend a year on it ok!
see how fantastically big the island will be!

As far as aesthetic I'm wanting sophisticated but fun!
I love the semi serious prints on pages from a book for over the table - and those chairs are my # 1 choice-they just cost a ton:(

The giant island will be painted a dark charcoal with brushed nickle hardware and I'm still unsure as far as counter tops go-I'm torn between butcher-block and stainless steel and i just might even go with concrete( it would look awesome with that exposed brick...) It will probably come down to cost and ease of installation since we'll be DIY-ing it.
Since the space for upper cabinets is next to zero we'll be doing open shelving with beaded board as a backsplash. (like this)
As far as lighting goes I'm pretty set on using those airy globes from west elm for over the island but I'm still deciding what to use over the stove and dining area-it will be the same fixture and it has to be fairly large for the space I'm considering something like this

but I still have time to make my final choice:)

I hope that helps to make sense of the space! Michael is tearing out the 2 layers of laminate this weekend so we can see what we're working with when it comes to flooring-I will probably shed a few tears of joy when that terrible, scratched, stained, impossible to clean flooring is no more!

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