Thursday, June 9, 2011

its happening....

2 weeks ago Michael started tearing out the pantry in our kitchen-(please note the eye searing blue) and it just avalanched from there! We'd been chomping at the bit to expose these old chimneys since we moved here so those were next: (oh the blue...yech)It looks like it has leprosy or something...

How awesome are these going to be!?!!
now I officially have no kitchen-its been completely gutted! This is so exciting but also a little nerve wracking-I'm still getting my new systems worked out for every day life. Doing ours and Gwen's room was much less intrusive in our day to day life! Thus far I've avoided taking pictures of my kitchen (because it was super ugly! ) But for reference here is what we've been living with:

(well..sort of-the fridge had already been moved into its temporary new home there in the back room-and usually its a bit less cluttery-I'd been moving things out of the cabinets and drawers to get it ready for demo)

(that splotch of paint is probably whats going to end up on our base cabinets and the humongous island we plan on putting in)

and here is what it looks like right now:

scary right? I love how you can see where the dividing line was. Whoever lived on the left side had much better taste in wallpaper-look how cute the windmills at the top are! (did I mention this used to be a duplex? Our theory is it was converted to a single family dwelling sometime in the 60's?. We're not positive on the timeline but sometime before we moved in anyway)

progress is progress! I have big plans for this space - starting with tearing a 12 foot opening between the 2 back rooms and filling up this wasted space with a 6'x6' island smack dab in the middle of it! Stay tuned for a floor plan:)

One more picture-heres the dream team in action-my Sweetheart on the ladder and our Awesome friends Tommy, who is ripping and tearing away that horrible blue stuff and Amber, my emotional support! haha!

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