Wednesday, July 6, 2011

white wash

I've discovered I like to tweak my 'done' rooms whenever we rip out another space-so since the kitchen I've been putting some finishing touches on ours and Gwen's room.

The first thing in our room would be to fill this empty frame

I actually did "research' (because I'm scientific like that) on gallery walls to try and figure out why I hated mine so much and found that all the ones I loved and was drawn to had a unifying element, all the same colors or shape or something like that.
all images here

SO I busted out the white spray paint, took a deep breath and painted it all white!

and am loving the result! Also let me just say I still love my new wall color:)


  1. This is gorgeous! Am about to move into a new house so I'm planning how to decorate at the moment - will definitely be taking some inspiration from your post!! :)