Wednesday, July 6, 2011

we wear cute stuff

I wore this to go shopping with my sister Hope. We were getting party supplies for her Birthday shindig:)

Everything is thrifted except for this ring-from Target

apparently I make this face-ALOT...

so sorry-I'll pretend to be normal now ;)

to be honest these pictures of Gwen were not taken on the same day-but I just love her sweet face and her long hippie dress! from Old Navyoh the simple joy of bubbles!


  1. You look lovely.

    Thank you for your comment on my post and I am terribly sorry for the loss that you experienced recently as well. Isn't it incredibl how no one tells you how much it hurts physically? I have been amazed this whole time at how unendingly traumatic it has been. I am so looking forward to the physical ailments being gone and I have a feeling it will help the emotional to not flare up as much.

    You are right about God having plans beyond ours. And if I could pick anyone to hold and keep and love my baby over me, it would be Him.

  2. It is SO much easier to cope with the grief once its 'over' having that constant reminder for the next week is really no fun:( And I love that you know our Father in heaven still cares for you!