Monday, September 26, 2011


It was one of those mornings.  Its a Monday-so negative 10 points just off the bat and we were up late doing kitchen remodel stuff.  That kitchen stuff resulted in a thin coating of dust over the entire house that I really NEEDED to clean (seriously I get antsy if my house is dirty) So I had a headache, a bad attitude and alot to do.  Mix in a dash of needy 3 yr old and you have a potentially disastrous combo.   After the first awful hour of the day (Gwen whining, Me griping)  She stood next to me and said " Mom lets make a skirt!"  a bit of an odd request-not something we've ever done before. Instead of  "not now" "OK" came out instead:)  Ignoring the dust on the floors (and everything else) and the dishes in the...bathroom, we instead pulled out the scrap bag and made a scrap skirt!!

it was very easy-I tied 2 knots to mark how long it needed to be to go around her little waist. (ugh don't look at my floors)

then we (I) cut strips of fabric about 1" wide and double the length of what we wanted the finished length to be.  Then while Gwen handed me strips of fabric I knotted them on to the waist ribbon. 

I found it easier to knot each end to a chair.

and Voila!!

look at that smile:)

30 min of knot tying was so worth it.  The house eventually got cleaned and the rest of our day was so much more pleasant!

sometimes you just have to ignore the dust and mess and sit in it to give your little darlings some one on one attention!

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