Thursday, October 20, 2011

New "Addition" to our home

And I'm not talking about a kitchen:)

Some of you already know this but we're expecting our 2nd little darling this March!
I'm 20 weeks ( I think)  and have a sonogram scheduled for the 24th of this month.  We are VERY excited.  We also have *awesome* timing...I was 8 months pregnant with Gwenyth when we bought this house and it was nuts.  Apparently we like to mix babies and construction... Michael IS good at making stuff ;)

We didn't find out Gwen was a girl until she was born and, though a little piece of me really wants to do it that way again, we've decided to have a 'reveal' party this time around! At our sonogram instead of having the technician tell us if its a girl or boy, we'll ask them to write it down and put it in a envelope.  Then we can do one of two things (well-we could do a thousand things-but these are my favorites) take that envelope to a trusted baker and they make a cake according to the sex. For example if its a boy its blue or chocolate and if its a girl vanilla or pink.  like these:

OR have some trusted someone put tons of helium filled balloons ( in the appropriate color) into a big box and at the party open the box and see!! like this:

Either way we I want to have a way for people to "vote" ( I LOVE the mustache idea)

So we'll have a party (hosted in our finished kitchen hopefully)  and invite all of our friends and family to find out with us if we're adding a little boy or girl to our family!  Which idea do you like?  Balloons or cake??

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