Monday, April 9, 2012

two things

First of all-I have red hair

and its fabulous


This sweet baby wants to this all day

by 'this' I mean be held all. the. time. Which would be fine if I had nothing to do all day
(can we just pretend thats the case for a moment...ahhhh)

thats where this thing comes in handy:
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Its called the best thing since sliced bread- oh wait no its called a Mei Tai Carrier and its awesome-I can use BOTH my hands and hold Ivy-Genius.  I have a ergo carrier too but I cant figure out how to use the dang thing with all its buckles and I think its better suited for an older child.

So thats it just wanted to share my love for this piece of fabric

 also?  I'm tired...really really tired.

I guess that makes 3 things....