Friday, April 6, 2012

Bathroom Talk

No not that kind of bathroom talk-where is your mind?

The kind where we discuss paint swatches and light fixtures!

Michael made some progress in the construction  department

and I was inspired to create another mood board-seriously these things come in super handy

of course this board has a  super expensive wishlist sort of item on it-
that tub for is from Restoration Hardware and costs this much (yiikkeeess)
Everything else is in the normal people price range:
Chandelier and Accessories from West Elm 
Sconces and Mirror from Pottery Barn
and Vanity from Lowes

This bathroom will house our laundry room as well but we're still figuring out how to fit everything we need to in that space-we'll come back to the meantime I'll be scouring Pintrest for genius laundry room ideas...

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