Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Introducing gigantic drum-shade and globe thingys!

 I  love with the way these look in our kitchen that is inching towards completion
The drumshade is from westelm and the globe lights are from pottery barn. I think they complement each other while differentiating the spaces which was the goal so mission accomplished! (like how I got all decorator-y on you? I'm fancy like that.)
 I was waiting until the lights were installed before decorating the walls around the table just in case what I was planning looked too busy with everything else going on.  Now that they're up I can finally put some holes in the walls! at least thats how Michael sees it.

 Whats that you say?


 Why yes, that is a musketeer at my dining room table! 

lets check out her moves shall we?



Its been pretty fabulous to just flip a switch and have light - almost like I live in he 21st century or something!


  1. All For One!! Lovin' those moves.
    Oh. And the light fixtures.

  2. Are ekby shelves still holding the weight? Any installation tips?