Thursday, July 26, 2012


EVERYWHERE.  We are attempting to do 2 spaces at once. Its twice as messy-go figure...

we started on this bathroom first-remember this?

and this?

 We're here now:

but this is after we discovered a completely rotted out beam that depressed Michael for a whole week before he could muster up the motivation to replace it-This man is just amazing in his abilities to fix things.
 His man card totally gets another stamp. He's probably filled out at least 10 by now.  Anyways after fixing the beam he put put in the new subfloor and this window.

and up went the sheetrock and the mud

this is an old hat by now...

We also tore out the living room.

Why? Because we're crazy people. Obviously.  We have some serious momentum this time though. From Saturday to Monday it went from this

 to this.

 That is some speedy demo to construction for us weekend warriors. Thanks is definitely due to our good friends Jerry and Jordan and my brother Justin.

and also this fancy new toy tool we got off of Craigslist.

 This my friends is a Sheetrock hoist aka back saver. Isn't he handsome...;)

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