Tuesday, July 31, 2012

something I love

About having an iPhone is the ability it gives me to document our lives without having to pull out my big camera.  Plus with instagram all I have to do its pop on a fancy filter and BAM I'm an artist.  I love being able to capture these little moments so later on in life-or even this week if I'm having a rough day, I can SEE the fun or sweet things the girls did and remember all my hard work is for a higher purpose than my own:)

In the last few weeks I've:
been impressed with Gwen's artistic abilities,

and the fact that she made her bed all by herself for the first time ever! without any prompting at all! This was a proud moment

We laughed at this little baby who wants to be big

and fell a little more in love.

I walked in on this sweet moment.

Ignore that messy bookshelf please...

And took my sister to get her drivers license. 

We also went to a bridal shower for my cousin where I held this baby for all of 5 min thanks to sweet grandmas and great aunts

I made a pretty quiche

and a cute costume for Gwen.

Shes going to be Astrid for a how to train your dragon party tomorrow.  Can I just be amazed for a second at how TALL she is!?  Where is my baby?!

I hope you enjoyed this photo-dump! Lets do this every couple of weeks ok:)

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