Monday, July 30, 2012

I've been working on....

Our bedroom.
I've been making adjustments here and there ever since we started in this room
(when it looked like this....yikes!)

We started here with blue walls and a hodgepodge of accent colors and its slowly improved since.  The first change we made was the wall color here.  Then I bit the bullet and painted a bunch of stuff white to contrast with my newly painted walls here Then there was the great chair project which took forever but my excuses are good-read them here.  Then I spent a few months trying to convince Michael that our new gigantic bed dwarfed our nightstands and we would need new ones. (seriously this bed is huge...) I failed to convince him this was a 'need'  so we compromised by replacing the lamps and shades with these bigger yellow bases from Target and these crisp tall shades from the pottery barn outlet near my house-they were a steal at $14 apiece!

They definitely carry more visual weight than these.

 (which i still love and recovered myself here)  then
I decided our bedroom needed something bold and fun and these
just did not make the cut-so they got cut-into strips...and then sewed together again!


  It was just what this room needed

I think this might be my favorite part..

My most recent tweak on this space is putting something above our massive bed. I wanted something graphic but not too girly since my husband lives here too, and cheap. Cheap was very high on my list. I don't know if you've ever been in the market for large scale artwork. Its decidedly not cheap.  After stalking Pinterest and Hobby Lobby and Target and not really finding anything I loved I decided to go the DIY route ( is anyone surprised by that? ) I ended up with this!

its a wall decal from stuck to a canvas and coated with a thin coat of matte modpodge. And I think its super cool. Especially in that it mirrors the bold black and white we've got going on across from it in the curtains.  So there you go that is what I've been doing.

What projects are you working on??


  1. Two things- Great idea on the decal art. I've never seen anyone do that! Very creative!
    My favorite part though are the curtains, definitely. Also very creative! I think you did a great job! I might try another curtain project here in the future when summer semester is done. You've inspired me ;)

  2. Cute room! Where do you find the time? You are super creative!!