Friday, August 17, 2012

hi my name is Harmony

And i'm addicted to Polyvore.
sweet edge

 I'm thinking this might become a weekly feature-fashion Fridays anyone?
simple summer color

its almost as good as retail therapy...
Untitled #7


  1. It's so good, yes it is. I just started creating on there too, I love it. Haven't even gotten fancy yet with pic and backgrounds though! Had me up until 2 am the other night! Thank God for coffee.
    Love your sets above, they are all fab :)
    New follower from the Wiegands...
    thanks! Kathy

  2. Ohhhh girl, I love Polyvore but these outfits that you created.....perfection! Each one is awesome.
    New follower by way of Casey Leigh.